White Birch Lakes Recreational Association

Covenants & Restrictions

Message from the C&R Committee Chair:

The Board of Directors has voted to adopt the resolution that establishes policies and procedures for the election on the proposed C&Rs, including a time-line and membership eligibility for voting. 

The Committee encourages members to review this resolution.
Click to view the Resolution to Allow Electronic Voting form.

To protect and preserve the beauty and value of our neighborhood, WBLRA is governed by a set of rules known as “Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs).”  These documents are in place to ensure that every member can count on their neighbors to maintain the natural character that makes WBLRA so different. Everyone who becomes a member of our association must sign a formal agreement to abide by the expectations outlined in the C&Rs. When not meeting the standards established by this contract, members risk losing access to our amenities and may face possible fines. 

We love the unique nature of WBLRA, and take stewardship of our community seriously. If you think you may be interested in purchasing property at WBLRA, we encourage you to read the C&Rs and By-Laws thoroughly ahead of time to be fully informed of the expectations we have of our members.